Apsis recognises the inherent conflict between the end-user’s need for ease of use and the enterprise’s need for data security. The issue is further complicated by the enormous complexity of modern operating systems with their attendant train of vulnerabilities.

Data security

Sensitive corporate data needs to be protected from unauthorised access or modifications. Apsis will assist the customer in assessing possible threats and in establishing adequate defences for such data.

Communications security

A modern enterprise is highly dependent upon the information flow among its employees. Such lines of communications are vulnerable to interception and disruption. We will assist the customer in defining and implementing a policy for the protection of these communications, taking into account possible threats, the value of the data and various attack methods (interception, integrity, traffic analysis, denial of service, etc.).

Network security (internal and external)

Current research suggests that about 70% of attacks against corporate networks originate from within the network or from disgruntled ex-employees. In view of this Apsis takes the position that securing a network against external threats (hackers, script-kiddies, competitors) is not sufficient but an additional layer of security is required within the network itself. We shall assist the customer in defining and implementing the required measures in order to protect the network against both types of threats.

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