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WordPress courses & WordPress training for beginners

WP-Kurs.com - WordPress Training

Great for all course participants

WP-Course.com is a comprehensive online course aimed at beginners who want to learn how to create their own WordPress website from scratch.

The course enables participants to create the basic structure of their website independently and build up functions and content using detailed instructions. Participants receive access to the online portal for one year, where the course content is always kept up to date, even with new WordPress versions. This training covers all essential aspects, from creating and maintaining the menu structure to expanding the website with plugins. It should be emphasized that no previous knowledge is required and that participants can manage their websites independently and autonomously after completing the course.

Joy of WP (joyofwp.com) - WordPress Course

Joy of WP offers a series of free video tutorials for WordPress beginners. These videos cover a wide range of topics, including specific tutorials on the Gutenberg editor, blogs in general, various plugins and general WordPress usage.

The tutorials are especially helpful for visually oriented learners who learn by observation and imitation. The videos are designed to teach basic skills and knowledge required to create and manage a WordPress website.

WP101 (wp101.com) - WordPress Training

WP101 is known for its professionally produced WordPress tutorial videos aimed specifically at beginners. Since 2008, these tutorials have helped more than three million people to use WordPress effectively. The courses are carefully structured and provide a step-by-step guide to creating your own website or blog.

In addition to the basics, specific plugins such as WooCommerce, WPForms, Elementor and others are also covered. An important aspect of WP101 is the members' forum, where participants can ask their questions and get answers from experts. The videos are always up to date and offer closed captions, making them accessible to a wide audience.

WordPress.com Online WordPress Course

WordPress.com offers a variety of videos that focus on different aspects of WordPress. From creating online courses to the basic setup of a blog or website to special lessons for membership sites, these courses cover a broad spectrum.

They offer structured learning paths from idea to implementation and are ideal for people who want to get a comprehensive overview of the various possibilities and functions of WordPress. These lessons are particularly useful for those who want to dive deeper into specific areas of WordPress.

These online lessons provide a solid foundation for beginners looking to dive into the world of WordPress, covering a wide range of topics and learning styles.

LinkedIn Learning Online Course

LinkedIn Learning, known for its extensive range of professional courses, also offers a wide range of WordPress courses for advanced users.

These videos cover a variety of advanced topics, from specialized development practices to in-depth WordPress customization. A key element of LinkedIn Learning is access to lessons led by industry experts who share practical insights and advanced techniques. These lessons are ideal for those looking to expand their skills in a professional context, be it web development, design or digital marketing. With the option to complete lessons both individually and as part of a subscription, LinkedIn Learning offers flexibility and a comprehensive learning environment for advanced WordPress users.

Udemy Online Course

Udemyanother popular online learning platform, offers a variety of courses for advanced WordPress users. Courses on Udemy range from detailed tutorials on plugin development and theme design to specialized courses that focus on specific aspects of WordPress such as SEO optimization, security and performance tuning.

A feature of Udemy is the variety of teaching approaches, with many learning units including practical projects and realistic scenarios aimed at applying what you've learned immediately. These lessons are ideal for self-learners and professionals who want to take their WordPress skills to an expert level. With the ability to select videos based on ratings and feedback, Udemy provides a user-friendly platform that allows learners to find lessons relevant to their needs.

WordPress courses & training for advanced users

For advanced WordPress users who want to further develop their skills, the following online courses and training courses offer in-depth knowledge and specialization opportunities:

WPShout Courses Online Course

WPShout offers a range of expert courses aimed at taking WordPress developers to a higher level. Since 2009, WPShout has been educating thousands of readers in WordPress development, providing practical learning content, both about WordPress itself and online store creation.

The videos are specifically designed for people who want to work either independently or in agencies as well-paid professionals. The content is clearly structured and comprehensive, focusing on the essential aspects of WordPress development, including a Pro Bootcamp for aspiring developers.

OSTraining Website

OSTraining offers a variety of WordPress videos covering different aspects of WordPress usage and development. Topics include "BigCommerce for WordPress", "Tips for speeding up a WordPress site", "Formidable Forms", "Using LocalWP for local site development" and many more. These lessons are ideal for developers who want to delve deeper into specific areas of WordPress development.

WPSessions Website

WPSessions offers video tutorials from WordPress experts around the world. Members have access to an extensive training library with over 277 hours of content, presentations and exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else. The platform is focused on helping developers build better websites, find better clients and build a better business. WPSessions offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from various industry experts, making it a valuable resource for advanced WordPress users.

WordPress.tv website

WordPress.tv is a comprehensive resource for WordPress videos, including keynotes from WordCamps, tutorials and much more. It offers a wide range of topics, from introductions to new WordPress themes to advanced topics like WooCommerce optimization and using specific plugins.

This platform is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in WordPress community events and current developments. This is usually about internal WordPress topics and less about creating online stores, for example.

These lessons and resources offer advanced users the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of WordPress and develop further in specialized areas. They are ideal for those looking to expand their skills as developers or WordPress professionals.

Special training & courses for the Elementor Pagebuilder

Elementor Academy Website

The Elementor Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses that focus on both Elementor and Elementor Pro. These videos cover various topics including design/layout, dynamic design, forms, integrations, motion effects, popups, responsive design, template library and the theme builder. In addition, there are special lessons on building WordPress websites with Elementor Hosting and website performance optimization.

Emiweb's Elementor Pro Course

The Emiwebs Elementor Pro course is a comprehensive online training course that covers everything from an introduction to Elementor Pro to advanced design techniques, website optimization and integration with other tools. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced web designers and covers all essential aspects of creating websites with Elementor Pro.

Domestika: No-Code Web Design with Elementor and WordPress

This course on Domestikaled by Isa Macías, focuses on designing creative websites and personal portfolios without coding using WordPress and Elementor's visual editor. It is particularly suitable for those who want to develop stylish and personalized websites without coding knowledge.

CourseVania: The Complete Elementor Course for WordPress

The course on CourseVania provides a comprehensive overview of Elementor and its application in various business and development contexts. The course content is tailored to the needs of business analytics, e-commerce, marketing and other areas.

Platforms with multiple WordPress courses & WordPress trainings

WordPress training in presence

Kursfinder.de Website

Coursefinder.com offers an overview of various WordPress training courses and seminars. These range from introductory courses for users to specialized courses for administrators. The seminars are designed to teach participants the basics of WordPress and enable them to create and maintain their websites professionally themselves. They are also a good basis for learning about Recruiting to relax a little. This is because new employees can be trained very quickly with the courses.

Training at IT-Schulungen.com

IT-Trainings.com offers WordPress training courses and in-house seminars. These seminars are suitable for people who want to expand their websites or implement an online store with WordPress. The seminars are aimed at different target groups, including users, developers and administrators, and cover topics such as plugin development, theme development and search engine optimization (SEO) for WordPress sites.

PCS Academy Training

The PCS Academy offers a seminar on WordPress basics. In this seminar, participants will learn how to use one of the most popular content management systems effectively. The seminar is aimed at beginners as well as people with some experience of WordPress. It covers topics such as installing WordPress, working with themes, creating posts and pages, menu design, integrating plugins and the basics of search engine optimization.

Online training vs. face-to-face

There are two main formats to choose from when learning WordPress: Online and classroom training. While online courses allow you to learn via the internet from anywhere, classroom training offers a more traditional classroom learning experience.

Online training: Flexible and accessible

Online courses are known for their flexibility. They allow learners to study at their own pace and at times that fit into their personal schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for working professionals or those with other commitments. In addition, online courses often offer access to a wide range of resources such as videos, interactive tutorials and forums where participants can ask questions and share experiences. Another advantage is the ability to learn from anywhere with internet access, saving travel costs and time.

Face-to-face training: personal interaction and networking

Face-to-face training, on the other hand, offers direct interaction with lecturers and other participants. This personal interaction can enrich the learning experience, as immediate feedback and discussions are possible in real time. Networking is another key benefit of face-to-face training. Participants have the opportunity to socialize and build relationships with like-minded people, which can be particularly useful for professional development. However, face-to-face training requires attendance at set times and locations, which means less flexibility compared to online courses.

About WordPress courses and WordPress training with certification

Certification courses play an important role in professional training in the field of WordPress. These courses usually end with an exam, after which the participants receive a certificate. Such certifications serve as proof of the skills and knowledge acquired and can significantly increase the credibility and marketability of graduates.

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