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Why you do not receive applications from MFA / MPA

A well-functioning and qualified workforce is crucial to the success of any medical practice or clinic. However, many operators are faced with the problem that they either receive no applications at all or very few applications from specialist staff.

This leads to bottlenecks and impairs the quality of patient care. In this blog article, we will look at some possible reasons why this happens and suggest solutions.

No section for "vacancies"

A common reason for the lack of applications is that the website of the medical practice or clinic does not have a clearly recognizable section for "vacancies" or a job board.

Potential applicants may find it difficult to find relevant information about vacancies. It is important that the website is well structured and Easily accessible underside or section which lists current vacancies.

This makes it easier for potential specialists to find open positions.

Too few pictures of you and your team

People want to know, who they will work with and what working environment awaits them.

If your website does not contain pictures of your team, you are missing out on an opportunity to attract potential applicants. Add professional imagesshowing your team in action to create a positive impression and attract the interest of potential professionals.

Picking up applicants with psychological skill

Another important consideration is the way in which you address potential applicants. Your website should be able to pick up potential applicants in a psychologically clever way.

This means that they should put themselves in the applicant's shoes and understand their needs and interests. Make sure the language used on your website is professional, but also appealing and inviting. Emphasize the benefits of working at your practice or clinic to pique the interest of potential applicants.

Application form too complicated or not available

The provision of a easy to use application form is crucial to give potential applicants the opportunity to apply simply and easily.

A long and complicated application form can act as a deterrent and prevent potential applicants from completing the application process.

Make sure that your application form Clear and easy to use is. Only ask for the relevant information and avoid unnecessary hurdles to make the process as easy as possible for potential applicants.

Too many documents for the initial contact

Some medical practices and clinics expect applicants to submit a comprehensive application portfolio with certificates, CV and references from the very first contact. This can act as a deterrent and lead to applicants not even applying.

To avoid scaring off potential applicants, you should make the initial contact as uncomplicated as possible. We will show you in the free Strategy discussionwhich information you should be queried in the first stepto minimize the initial hurdle for contact.

In summary: too many hurdles

A well-structured website with a clear section for "vacancies", appealing images, a psychologically clever approach, an easy-to-use application form and a low-threshold requirement for initial contact will help you reach potential applicants and arouse their interest.

If you have difficulties implementing these aspects, a our proven concept for social media recruiting help you overcome all these hurdles. Book a free consultation today Strategy discussionto find out how you can solve your personnel problem (no sales pitch, I promise).

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